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I did not.....

have sexual relations with that woman

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Remember that taco bell dog? The end of seinfeld? When the Spice Girls were hip?
Well, we do, too!
This is your resident mini trip down memory lane for all your nostalgia needs. So post those pictures of that chick from Clarrissa Explains It All naked, cause we missed her, too! Your musings,jokes,photos, and anecdotes are all welcome here!

"Mamma this surely is a dream" Marcy's Playground song is our mantra. Agree? If you like sex and candy, join! go ahead, you know you want to.

Moderated by: o_me_emo(Madam Ovary) and plastickali (Lezzie Borden)
1990's, 1990s, 90's, 90s, adam sandler, alanis morissette, all that, annoying budweiser commercials, austin powers, beanie babies, beavis and butthead, beverly hills 90210, capris, chokers, clarrissa explains it all, clinton, collapse of soviet union, columbine, daria, dogma, dolly is cloned, edward scissorhands, ellen degeneres, empire records, face, felicity's new haircut, flipper, from autumn to ashes, furby, giuliani, greasy hair, green day, grunge, gulf war, guns n roses, high top reebok pumps, highlights, hook, hootie and the blowfish, industrial music, jay & silent bob, jnco, jtt, kevin smith films, limp bizkit, lorena bobbitt's fan club, marcy's playground, mary kate and ashley, michael jackson, mike tyson, monica lewinsky, mood rings, morrissey, mudhoney, never been kissed, nickleodeon, nightmare before christmas, ninja turtles, oasis, oj murder trial, party of 5, pearl jam, pete & pete, plaid, platform shoes, pogs, polar fleece, popular, president clinton, real world, rem, ren and stimpy, rockos modern life, roundhouse, rugrats, salute your shorts, sarajevo, savage garden, scream, seattle, sega genesis, shamoo, shirley manson, silence of the lambs, simpsons, smoking popes, snoop dog, sonic the hedgehog, spice girls, step by step, stick stickley, super nintendo, teletubbies, tgif, the beastie boys, the breeders, the lion king, the motherfucking macarena, the offspring, the pixies, the spread of aids, the taco bell dog, third eye blind, thumbelina, tickle me elmo, titanic, tlc, tomagotchis, trent reznor, weekend update, whaaazzzuup, when mtv played music, white rappers, winona ryder, woodstock